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The academic honor system is applicable to students in Gr. 7-12. Students who fulfill the honor roll criteria are presented with academic awards during the award ceremony held the following year in the school. The awards are presented by one of our AMSI alumni who addresses the students in hopes to inspire them so that they too can make a difference in future students’ lives. Every year, we also honor a select group of students who have gone that extra mile to be extraordinary.  There are two facets to this process, academic and non-academic.
Students may inquire with the respective Head of Section for any questions concerning the academic awards.

Outstanding Graduate: This honor is bestowed upon a senior who distinguished him/herself through academic excellence and outstanding service. He/she demonstrated a positive presence on campus, an outgoing personality and a commitment to his/her school and fellow students. This senior exhibited the highest standards in character, selflessness and drive to succeed. She/he is an Outstanding Graduate of Al Mawakeb School.